player care

player care specialist

Player Care has become a critical tool for proactive clubs looking to protect their key assets – their playing squad. It is the oversight, organisation and delivery of a hassle-free experience for every player on a football club’s books in a way that balances the needs of both the club and player.

As a Player Care professional, John takes on the responsibility for many of the non-sporting and non-medical aspects of a player’s time at a club. John completed his Introductory Module in Player Care from the Player Care  Group in 2023 and becomes a fully certified Player Care Specialist in July 2024.

Tailored care programme

From managing off-field logistics to fostering positive relationships within the club environment, John is committed to ensuring that players thrive both on and off the pitch and if relevant, their families are happy. With a proactive approach and a deep understanding of the unique challenges footballers face, John stands as advocates for their well-being, serving as the bridge between clubsm players and their families, helping to facilitate a harmonious and fulfilling journey in the world of football.