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With his extensive experience in both business, communications and football, John Kimbell is regarded as one of the best independent recruitment consultants and scouts in the UK and Australia.

John has taken an array of scouting qualifications with the Professional Football Scouts Association and completed multiple scouting reports at the request of managers in both the professional and non-league game.

Talent Identification – John frequents matches across all tiers of the professional football pyramid, including academy games, tournaments, and school events. He meticulously evaluates players based on their technical prowess, physical attributes, tactical acumen and overall potential.

Player Evaluation – John adeptly scrutinises individuals’ strengths, weaknesses, playing styles and growth prospects. Employing standardised evaluation criteria ensures an objective comparison of players.

Networking – Networking plays a pivotal role in John’s approach, as he forges strong bonds with coaches, agents, and fellow scouts, facilitating the exchange of vital information regarding potential prospects. This network keeps him abreast of emerging talent and forthcoming opportunities.

Data Analysis – Leveraging statistical analysis and data-driven tools like Hudl, John delves into player performance metrics, uncovering patterns and trends that complement his observational skills, aiding him in making well-informed decisions.

Reporting – John’s reporting skills are exemplary, providing detailed reports to club management or coaching staff, furnishing insights on player profiles, compatibility with the team’s playing style and recommendations for potential signings. All tailored to meet specific requirements.

Liaison -Furthermore, John serves as a liaison between players and clubs throughout the recruitment process, facilitating seamless communication and negotiations to ensure smooth transitions for signed players.

Talent identification

Armed with a wealth of experience in both communications and football, John Kimbell’s reputation precedes him as a trusted authority in talent identification and acquisition. With a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of the game and a keen eye for potential, John has established himself as a go-to figure in the industry.

His track record speaks volumes, earning him the respect and admiration of peers and professionals alike. Through meticulous evaluation and astute networking, John consistently identifies promising talent and facilitates their integration into the appropriate teams. His dedication to the craft and commitment to excellence make him a valuable asset in the realm of football scouting and recruitment.